Welcome to the O’pen Skiff Family.

Experience the joy of sailing in an O’pen Skiff.


The New Zealand O’pen Skiff Association’s mission is to help participants in our community grow in character and personal confidence and to bring the joy of sailing to as many kids as possible! We’re a volunteer organization with a focus on continuous improvement for the O’pen Skiff community and we are committed to delivering a unique family friendly experience in junior sailing that blends fun and competition here in New Zealand. Our platform provides a pathway to performance and adventure sailing so whether your future goals are to drive a SailGP F50 or sail a trailer yacht across the Hauraki Gulf, we’ve got you covered.


The annual NZOSA membership costs $30 and sailors are required to be members to participate in NZOSA events.  Memberships are valid for a 12 month period starting on 1st September.

O’pen Skiff – “The International Junior Skiff”

A modern and planing hull, more in the form of a skiff, The O’pen Skiff gives a dynamic responsive fast sailing experience of a true dinghy that heels. A powerful boat that provides kids the same excitement normally experienced on a boat as adults.

With its 6-foot Open design, including a totally open self draining stern, it offers fast fun. Young sailors are fully independent on the water and will be proud to sail such a modern-looking and elegant boat, one that both sails and looks like the boat of today’s champions.

Speed comes close to the Laser 4.7. Good sail and boat trim is rewarded with fast planning on all points of sailing, especially surfing waves downwind

The ideal weight for a user of this boat is 30 – 65 kg, but it can accommodate up to 90 kg.

Car-top transport is easy. Rig and foils fit in a bag under the hull. The O’pen Skiff is unloaded, rigged and ready to race in less than 10 minutes.

Adventure and Freestyle fun

The O’pen Skiff is an outstandingly fast sailing dinghy specially designed for kids to have fun in sailing.

Recognising the skiff like performance of the boat enables exciting new race formats like slalom, adventure racing, and opencross freestyle.

Friendship & Behaviour

The O’pen Skiff class attracts a wonderful group of kids. They are well spoken, polite and caring of each other’s well being. The class is absent of the intense rivalry and friction that creeps into other classes from time to time.

Fun and mateship predominates amongst our young sailors.

The O’pen Skiff class is a family friendly, fun atmosphere and sets a standard to discourage any intense rivalry or unsportsmanlike behaviour.